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 Song Help?

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PostSubject: Song Help?   Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:57 pm

I have two full multicrossover stories planned, and for my first one, I've already settled on a song, but for this one, I need a little help...

The story, and I'm confident I can trust you girls with it, is about:

Bihal, an Ethiopian slave captured and sent to New England to be bought by Colonel Jefferson and his three beautiful daughters, Odette, Vanessa, and Aurora. Odette is the eldest and is pressured into marrying. But Odette has yet to find a suitor who sparks her interest. She’s yet to fall in love. This becomes even more worse when her younger sister, Vanessa brings home a sailor, Eric, and announces their engagement. Odette confides in Bihal, the young Ethiopian slave they bought last month. Odette soon falls for Bihals spirit, but know their relationship would be taboo, would be unacceptable and forbidden. But Bihal doesn’t even feel for Odette in that way, no he’s in love with Esmeralda, the Spanish-French Mulatto of Eric’s from Barbados. She teaches him about Voodoo and spirits and how her brother, Facilier plans to get back at the white man and get their freedom. And well, something like that. I'm not sure I'm gonna finish the story out, yet, though. I hope to start on it come my next break, but I’m having trouble looking for a song. I don’t know where to start. DX .

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Song Help?
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